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Kevin Turner

Intelligent person seeks engaging, constructive employment. Has a solid knowledge of Python, English, C, and HTML, in addition to limited experience with Spanish, Visual Basic for Applications, C++, Perl, Ruby, and PHP. A Linux hobbyist since 1996, working with Open Source is preferred. Can also fix a dripping faucet, change the bearings on a bicycle axle, and make dinner without setting the kitchen on fire.

Current pet projects include software for testing hardware at the Free Geek Community Technology Center; and CVSToys, providing real-time notification of code repository changes over a variety of channels, including e-mail, web, RSS, and IRC. Built in Python on Twisted: The Framework of your Internet. Several plug-ins for the Gnu Image Manipulation Program also bear his name.

Positions Held

2005 - January - July
  • Lead Linux Engineer at Eminent Microsystems, developing a network attached storage product on a MIPS platform.
2002 - 2004
  • Techie/Geek Consultant with CHEEP GEEKS, working with cases ranging from "fix the printer" to "replace our patient tracking system."
2003 - May - September
  • Software Engineer and occasional System Administrator at RedcellX. Developing a set-top box with video4linux, C++, Qt, and MySQL.
2002 - May & June
  • Software Engineer at JanRain, a start-up founded by Larry Drebes. Developing web services, working with Python, Resource Description Framework (RDF), and PostgreSQL.
2001 - 2003
  • Web Webmaster for Speak, providing information on the lives of queer people working for positive change in the world.
Fall 1999
  • Techie Assistant Residential Computer Coordinator for Oberlin Center for Information Technology. Involved networking client installations for a variety of machines (MacOS 7.1-8.x and Win95/98) and all-purpose tech support.
Summer 1999
  • Geek Spreadsheet Wizard for M Financial Group, implemented a prototype insurance product illustration system in Excel with VBA.


Fall 1998 -
Winter Term 2000
Spring 1998


2001 - present
  • Geek Volunteer for FREE GEEK R&D, developing automated testing systems for the evaluation of donated hardware. Also one of the Administrators of Systems and Security.
  • Web site for OHSU Volunteer Services, a simple web site giving a web presence to the volunteer department at the local university hospital.
Spring 1998
  • Member of school speech club. Never won anything, but learned to stand in front of an audience without melting.
  • Member of Students for Environmental Action. Dug out blackberry roots and rinsed out lots of soda cans.
Summer 1997
Back in the Day
  • Geek Unpaid staff for Del's Place BBS and ISP. Did tech support, web site, documentation, and user babysitting.

Kevin Turner
October 2005