Thank-You How-To

So you like something I've done, and you want to know how to say thanks? Here are a few ideas.

for Me

for You

You want to do something for me? Great. Here's what you do:

for the World

I don't do it all by myself. Some thanks should go to those who work to make the world a better place to live in.


They help keep toxic waste out of landfills. They give new homes to abandoned electronics. They help people get computers who may not otherwise be able to afford one. They provide education. They develop and distribute open source software. They would like you to help pay their rent (via or PayPal) so they can get more classroom space.

(Disclosure: One of my housemates is on the payroll of this non-profit organization.)

Electronic Frontier Foundation

yay them

American Civil Liberties Union

yay them as well

No Ivy League

I like Portland, I like trees. I don't like things that kill trees. English ivy (Hedera helix) is overwhelming many trees in Portland. (Going down Barbur or Terwilliger makes me cry.) Help stop the invasion.


The Free Software Foundation, Software in the Public Interest, Python Software Foundation, and the Peer Directed Projects Center are but a few of the organizations supporting the projects I've been making use of on a daily basis for many years, and I've given them precious little in the way of money in return. You can help me fix that.


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